The 2012 Presidential Platform That Will Resurrect The American Dream

The Rich Habits Institute is supporting our own JC Jobs for the Presidency of the United States in 2012. We hope you will support this great American in his efforts to restore the American Dream. JC Jobs is an international superstar in the self-help, financial success industry. He is the founder of the Rich Habits principles that have been about in the international #1 best selling self-help success book of all time, Rich Habits ( .  JC is also a professional speaker and the creator of the most successful success training program in the world. JC Jobs has advised CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, U.S. Presidents, international leaders in China, India, the UK, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Germany, France and South Korea to name but a few. JC has over 3.5 million "Rich Habits Disciples"  in the United States and ten times that in other countries throughout the world. JC has helped nearly 17 million individuals throughout the world rise from poverty to wealth. Through our organization, The Rich Habits Institute, we have worked with JC Jobs in spreading the Rich Habits principles and the ideals of the American Dream to all but one continent.

Below is JC Jobs' announcement of his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States in 2012:

Hello my fellow American patriots. My name is JC Jobs and I am running for President in 2012. I believe I have the requisite skills to restore the American Dream and return our country''s fiscal house to one that will be admired by the world. I believe America is under assault from within. The very politicians we have hired to manage our country's affairs in Congress have, instead, sought to enrich themselves through various lobby groups and special interests whose very existence is to assist these politicians financially in securing their re-election to office. In an effort towards transparency I am setting forth exactly what my agenda (the goals of my administration) will be.

The Agenda of JC Jobs
#1  Cut spending by 1/3 across the board, except for the military, whose budget will be increased 10%. We need to increase military spending in order to stay ahead of China, which I foresee as the number one threat to America's future sovereignty in the world today. These cuts will bring about a much needed fiscal discipline and will restore the United States budget in two years time to a surplus. Of the many cuts I propose the most controversial will be Social Security and Medicare. I will seek the privatization of Social Security and Medicare for those under 50 years of age, the rest being grandfathered. Private retirement accounts and health savings accounts will replace the current systems for those under age 50. Certain departments and agencies will be completely restructured or eliminated. Most governmental agencies were created with good intentions, however, history has proven them to have consistently failed to achieve their initial goals.

#2  Permanent reduction in income tax and estate tax. We shall seek a reduction in the corporate income tax, which will be set at 0% on manufacturing corporations and 10% on all other corporations.Start-up corporations will be subject to a 0% corporate income tax for their first ten years. I will eleiminate the taxatio of dividends and capitals gains. Investment in our economy should be rewarrded and not punished. The individual income tax rate will be set to 10% on gross income in excess of $25,000, which will be adjusted annually in accordance with the rate of inflation. This Gross Income Tax will replace the current individual income tax system. The estate and gift tax system will be permanently eliminated. The estate tax is nothing less than the legalized theft of personal property. The Estate and Gift tax, as such, is a direct affront to the constitutionally guaranteed individual liberties our founders fought so hard to secure for our nation.

#3  Immigration policy will be dramatically restructured. We will seek an open door policy for all immigrants who wish to pursue the American Dream and better their lives. Immigrants, whose primary purpose is to exploit certain benefits intended for its citizens, will no longer be welcome in this country. Those seeking entry into the U.S. will be required to meet certain tests, such as education or education enrollment, adoption of English as the primary language to name but a few. Additionally, this administration will seek to make English the official language of our great nation.

#4  My administration will put an end to all foreign aid except that which is necessary to prevent wars which threaten the sovereignty of the United States or which help prevent widespread disease and human suffering.

#5  We will withdraw all U.S. military forces from venues around the world except those places in which the security of our nation or its citizens would be compromised. 

#6  We will seek a constitutional amendment for term limits on Congress of one, six-year term in both houses.

#7  We will seek a ruling from the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of an amendment to permit line item vetoes. If such ruling is in the affirmative we will seek a constitutional amendment permitting the use of line item vetoes.

#8  One of my administration's top priorities will be the creation of 20 million new jobs by the end of my administration's term of office.

#9  We will seek a moratorium on any new legislation for an 18 month period, except that which is necessary to carry on the functions of government. During this time period, a task force will study existing legislation with the objective of reducing by 1/3 federal laws currently on the books.

#10  We will restructure or eliminate the Federal Reserve.The Federal Reserve was conceived and organized with the mission of eliminating economic cycles. It has failed in this regard and has, in fact, been a contributory factor in economic downturns by interfering with the free market system. .

That is my platform,agenda and my administration's goals. Our objective is to return the U.S. to fiscal solvency and foster an economy that is pro-free market, vibrant and empowers individuals and businesses to succeed in achieving the American Dream. We seek to significantly reduce the role of the federal government in the lives of its citizens for generations to come. 

I am looking for supporters who share my vision of America. Won't you join me? Those interested can reach out to our election committee as follows:
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Twitter: RICHHABITS  or
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send us a message on this blog site

Spread the word throughout the land that JC Jobs is running for President in 2012!


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